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Our Red Violet Costume Set (Kompang)


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Our DJ Host & Emcee (Weddings)

Kompanghut members are made up of 50 talented individuals from various school background; secondary to madrasah and polytechnic. We play a standard Kompang Melodic Beat & Rythm which includes Grade A Kompang instruments & various Ethnic Drums like Sudor (Indonesia) & Djembe (Africa).

Dikirbarat performance is also similar, using of Live Dikir Percussion like Rebana, Gong, Canang & Marakas. For Malay Dance, we provide an array of Malay Traditional Dances. Complete with colorful costumes for Weddings & Corporate. 

Our Costume Collection comes in Malay Tradition Set which includes Baju Melayu, Samping, Tanjak, Bengkong, & Chapal. Image is key in providing a professional outlook to audiences.

Trainings are conducted at our PKMS Office. Which covers a variety of Performing Arts including Kompang, Dikirbarat & Artistic Silat. This is to maintain Quality in our Performances. 

In Kompanghut, we aspire to build a positive culture in our young talents. They will be next generation of leaders to drive Nation forward in Performing Arts. This is our Dream, Goal & Legacy.