About Us


Kompanghut Pte. Ltd. is a registered company with ACRA Singapore since 2017.
We are also MOE registered to conduct trainings in all Government Schools.
We provide exquisite services in 5 areas:
Wedding Entertainment Services for Muslim Weddings in SG
Performing Arts Services for Corporate Events & Govt Agencies
Training & Development Programs for Schools & Institutions
Selling of Traditional Musical Items (Kompang/Jidor/Rebana/Angklung)
Rental of Costumes & Equipment (Traditional Costumes & Musical Items)
Our Performing Arts include:
Kompang / Malay Dance / Dikirbarat / Artistic Silat / Live Musical Ensemble & Sound
Our Rental Services include:
Malay Traditional Costume Set
Musical Instrument – Kompang & Drum
Musical Instrument – Dikirbarat Percussion
Training Space or Class Room
Our Social Media:
www.youtube.com : kompanghut services
Our Contact:
+65 9002 6634
Sincerely Yours,
Hazre Salim
Founder & Director
Kompanghut Pte. Ltd.